Meet Ash, Crescendo’s newest member of the team, tech consultant, graphic designer and festival goer.

As Crescendo’s project assistant, Ash plays a key role in aiding the team in delivering first class events. Previous roles have been mostly tech centric for Matrix, Anna Valley and the Ark Conference Centre as well as working with England Rugby ahead of the World Cup in Japan.

Otherwise, Ash is a keen golfer so you will find him at the driving range or relaxing at home.


Meet Jon – Crescendo’s brilliant virtual, hybrid and face to face events production director.

Jon lives and breathes events and is passionate about taking client content and turning it into engaging, involving experiences that drive understanding, motivation, and ultimately positive behaviour change.

Jon’s previous career highlights include working on large scale musicals like Les Misérables & Grease, and global brands such as Rolls-Royce, Airbus, GSK, Google, Intertek, Pfizer, Astra Zeneca, Mars.

At the weekend you will generally find Jon in a pub or restaurant with friends, or out running to mitigate the eating and drinking!


Meet Jamie, Crescendo’s cat whisperer, wordsmith, and vintage clutter collector.

You would not know it to speak to him, but Jamie is a former editor of Loaded Magazine and sports journalist, who has worked for several national newspapers. Armed with a whippet-quick wit, Jamie is the kind of person you want in an ideas pitch because he does not think like the rest of the room.

Just don’t get him onto his favourite subjects of Britpop, The Beatles, his children or the pedestrianisation of Norwich City centre… unless you have a few hours to spare.


Meet Justin, Crescendo’s master of all things Tech. Fluent in English and geek, Justin is the lynch pin between all colleagues, technical contractors, and suppliers.

Since joining back in 2005, Justin has played a key role in the company including creating Crescendo and Fruitful bespoke digital engagement platforms. With a wealth of previous experience that includes the London 2012, Glasgow 2014, and Rio 2016 games, Justin is a team player who really knows how to get things over the finishing line.

When not infiltrating his technical wizardry, Justin can be found in his workshop at home crafting bespoke furniture or restoring his track car. Otherwise, he will be out and about with his dogs, hill walking or mountaineering.


Meet Shaneen, Crescendo’s dedicated events manager with a keen interest in horticulture.

Since joining the company in 2018, Shaneen has become a key part of the Crescendo and Fruitful family. A master of the finer detail and planning for every possible eventuality, Shaneen always goes the extra mile to keep clients and her team happy.

Before joining Crescendo, Shaneen has a strong background in corporate events including a stint as Internal Communications Manager for British Gas. It is this bandwidth of experience that has fostered such dedication and expertise in only delivering the very best for our clients.

Away from buzzing with clients, Shaneen likes to keep fit and active, is a budding gardener and a tremendous planner of fun! That involves entertaining friends and family at home or plotting interesting trips abroad where Shaneen loves to soak up amazing scenery, different cultures and the great outdoors.


Meet Jo, Crescendo’s accountant, the company conscience, and master of all things finance. 

Since 2009, Jo has been making sure that the books balance, that all ethical considerations have been addressed and that the Founder does not spend too much money on growing the business!  Jo’s ability to think outside of the box and work with the bigger picture, keeps Crescendo honest, aware, and strong.

When not being Crescendo’s excellent number cruncher, you will find Jo at home enjoying time with the kids, family, and friends.  Her diligence and work ethic means that we do need to remind her to occasionally make time for some holiday!


Meet Susannah, Crescendo’s Marketing & Account Director, with a penchant for the high seas.

Since joining the company in 2017, Susannah has been instrumental in developing venue and client partnerships, with a focus on Marketing.

Previous worlds include Communications roles at Swarovski, Rolex and in Superyacht design, so Susannah was delighted when she found Crescendo on her doorstep with a similar commitment to creating extraordinary experiences and always delivering excellence.

Her extreme attention to detail is welcomed and helps to ensure that there is never anything out of date in the fridge!

Home life is generally spent chasing after her two boys, running her (adored) spaniel, or heading to the coast. Otherwise, Susannah will be catching up with friends and family and trying to keep the house and garden under control!


Meet Su, Crescendo’s supremely talented and highly experienced event director, with a preference for snowboarding over skiing!

Su’s inquisitive mind and hard work ethic has resulted in an incredible track record that showcases amazing events and campaigns for the likes of Tom Ford, Chanel, Belstaff, Estée Lauder, Hugo Boss, BBC, Diageo, Sony, Google, Amazon, M&S and Selfridges, to name a few!

Also, a keen cyclist, when not creating transformative events and campaigns for brands across the globe, Su will be found enjoying the countryside by bike or on a country walk with a nice pub at the end.

Su is an impressive stickler for detail – just don’t get her lunch order wrong!


Meet Russell – Crescendo’s founder, chief innovator, and vintage sunglasses collector. Founding the business began in 2003 with the dream of offering brands a truly tailored and transformational approach. This journey has taken him all around the world; the goal being to always create exceptional events that are memorable and leave behind a legacy with a sense of excitement and intrigue.

Russell likes to listen and understand what businesses need. He thrives on engaging conversations and a meeting of minds. Curiosity underpins the creative journey and unforgettable experiences like no other, are born.

When not masterminding events, conferences, awards, retreats for clients, you will find Russ loving home life with Jo and the kids, walking the dog and cooking for the family. His is passionate about sports near water, either boating, sailing, or rowing and Russ loves to travel, with work and with the family, exploring local cultures and cuisines.