Our brief

With a new brand positioning to unveil it was critical that the Cisco marketing community from across Europe embraced it fully by becoming passionate advocates, each with an essential role to play.

The audience

300 delegates comprising Ciscos key leadership as well as selected external agencies.

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How Crescendo did it

We built a bespoke environment to reveal the new brand and bring it to life.    To fully involve the audience we harnessed Open Space Technology, a ground-breaking meeting methodology. Delegates were invited to drive their own agendas and participate by leading small breakout sessions of their own. We facilitated this process to capture the outcomes of these individual meetings, which were then shared in plenary sessions. Working groups were established to drive these important agendas through the business.

The result

The audience were invigorated by the overall experience, and left enthusiastically committed to both the brand and the business.As much of the input had orginated from them they felt a huge sense of ownership.