Our brief

To create, built and manage an inspiring and creative environment to an established global event for leaders in the energy market. The environment needed to keep this seasoned International event audience engaged across the duration, whilst the design ensured exhibitors had maximum exposure to the leaders across the event.

The audience

A delegation of 500 strong energy leaders, suppliers and exhibitors coming from all around the globe to discuss future energy trends and markets.

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How Crescendo did it

Crescendo knew that to captivate the audience we needed to create an awe inspiring environment. In previous years they had had 3 very distinct areas of the event; exhibition area, breakout area and plenary space. The client however had sighted limitations with this model, as breakouts being away from the main space lost attendees and exhibitors wanted to increase footfall.

Our solution was simple – put the three areas together into one ecosystem, allowing the different elements to feed into each other.

In the centre of the ecosystem was the plenary space, where we housed the main auditorium demarcated with the use of huge inflatable walls, these were also lit to highlight the event colour. On the other side of these walls were the breakout areas, and wrapped around these two elements in a horse show were the exhibitors. Food, drink and rest stations were then strategically placed throughout the ecosystem to maximise footfall for the exhibitors and ensure a continued buzz around the event.

Outside of the event area, Crescendo gave the event a real presence in the venue by building a bespoke registration desk, with a trail of branding from the entrance hall, throughout the ground floor, up the escalators, allowing the event to own the first floor.

The result

The ecosystem created a seamless environment for the audience to successfully integrate with the key themes trends and messages. Allowing them to network comfortably and interact with their peers, whilst ensuring maximum return from the stakeholders and exhibitors of the event.