Our brief

Lenovo needed an event that empathised their cutting edge technology and recognise them as the worlds largest laptop manufacturer. We were asked to shift the perception of the event more towards a CIO forum, with exceptional content, dynamic networking and a bespoke brand environment.

The audience

Channel partners who were carefully selected and responsible for 90% of their sales.

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How Crescendo did it

Our proposed venue was Tobacco Dock in East London, used by brands such as Nike and Facebook.

The experience began with an on-line portal, which conveyed some of the key messages of the event and began the dialogue alongside critical information regarding the event.

Once on site check in was a purpose built business lounge, where guests were registered with Lenovo products and luggage was taken from our concierge service who transported the luggage to the nearby hotels.

Guests were escorted to the main room where we had created a Lenovo ecosystem of work areas, Lounges, plenary spaces and breakout areas, which all flowed into each other in one branded area, allowing the guests to feel connected across the day with all aspects of the event though the ecosystem.

In the evening the venue was transformed into an East End club, complete with fireaters and dancers celebrating the location of the venue and event.

The result

An exciting and innovative event that made use of an unusual and engaging venue.