Our brief

A new CEO wanting to launch the new business strategy and bring it to life in an engaging, interactive and thoughtful way, ensuring every element of the event reflected the ambitions of this vital turnaround strategy.

The audience

A 350 strong management team all together in one venue.

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How Crescendo did it

Crescendo selected a a newly refurbished rum warehouse which echoed the brands heritage with a clear vision for the future, and became the hub for the event. Seamless logistics integrated the attendees at this venue and in hotels across the city.

The CEO wanted to create a shop front as the main stage, using this as an opportunity to create the Christmas set that would demonstrate to the store managers exactly what to expect for their stores as the shop windows were filled with the magic of Christmas.

Early Learning Centre, a key brand for Mothercare, turned 30 and this was celebrated with a themed childrens afternoon tea party, that was fun and memorable.

The messages in session were supported by running a bespoke interactive game, the centre of the game being designed on scriptable table covers.

Zones were created throughout the venue which helped tell the story of the brand, displayed current products and gave the managers a chance to meet and interact with key suppliers, and sponsors of the event. These sessions, away from the plenary space, gave Crescendo the opportunity to reset the room and create a catwalk for a childrens fashion show, a first for Mothercare.

The day was rounded off by an awards dinner and party in recognition of the hard work and commitment of the Mothercare management team.

The Result

The managers were immersed in the message.  They experienced the brand values and opportunities for themselves and became excited by the strategy.  They networked freely as a natural function of the environment and clearly understood the direction the new CEO wanted the brand to take.