Our brief

We started working with Odeon several years ago, and over the years have developed and created a series of unique and compelling activities and entertainment for some of the elite of the global studio executives, doistributors and supplliers to the Internaional film business. We have created events as deverse as classic car rallies, exclusive private luxury boat charters to a Segway polo experience at an exclusive event at the Cliveden estate. As a result of this relationship we were comissioned to create an interatctive event with a focus on harnessing the creativity within the business for the international cinema managers, complete with a celebratory evening element.

The audience

150 of their International managers and leadership team.

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How Crescendo did it

Using a flagship Odeon cinema in Manchester we arranged a film making day where the managers and their teams collaborated on creating a production which could be projected and the day culminated with their very own red carpet Oscars ceremony and gala dinner.

The result

By using their own venue and setting the event in their world, we saved on venue costs and underlined what fantastic facilities they offer.  This is particularly relevant because of the increasing use of cinemas as event venues which is now a significant part of the Odeon portfolio.  Our relationship allowed us to leverage and showcase the facility to great effect. Our relationship and understanding of the client has also allowed us to develop a training program for their cinema managers, to help them built on their brand in the meeting space arena