Our brief

A two-day event with a full business agenda. Running alongside this programme, our task was to facilitate multiple networking opportunities and demonstrate the effectiveness of coming together as a team. We had to deliver something truly remarkable and memorable for this.

The audience

Leadership teams from across 40 countries

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How Crescendo did it

The overarching event theme, Delivering Value Together, was brought to life in our artfully constructed activities. We also developed a visual identity that was communicated across all touch points of the event, acting as an identifiable visual enforcer to demonstrate and communicate the theme.

Working with the royal connection of the opulent and historic Windsor venue, our first occasion was an evening private dining experience Fit for a King.A networking game, written by us for the group and based around Tudor monarchs, became the mechanic to encourage introductions and seat guests at a magnificent banqueting table for a splendid dinner.

We arranged for the next evenings events to take place at a privately owned stately home. For this, we provided guests with a stringed instrument each, challenging them to come together and play for their supper. With little or no musical experience, but under the tutelage of our conductor, they were transformed, 45 minutes later, into a coherent group of musicians … an orchestra!

The result

The objective of Delivering Value Together was achieved in a most original and memorable way.