White Stuff

Our brief

To provide an environment that reflected the evolving brand picture of this dynamic high street retailer.

The audience

350 staff who work on the shop floor.

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How Crescendo did it

Pre-event, guests were invited to register through a fully branded web page that detailed messaging of the event and encouraged them to get involved in the whole day.  This was to be an event all about the individuals joining to be part of a larger group, from creating a message for the Brand Pattern Wall to baking cakes for the afternoon refreshment breaks. On site, we created five experience zones that underpinned the messaging of each of the brand pillars. Guests became part of the event as they discovered the provenance of their product, unravelled the art of conversation and enjoyed each others company.  Roving videographers pulled together a highlights showreel that was projected as part of the closing session. Footage included highlights of the day and key vox pops gathered throughout the day focusing on the brand values and what they mean to individual staff members. Post event, the Brand Pattern Wall that was created has become part of the ongoing White Stuff design palette. A picnic blanket created in one area has been sent to the children of workers in one of their factories for summer picnics.

The result

The whole day immersed the participants in the brand values and allowed them to experience different elements within that framework.  As well as engaging their creativity on the day, useful collateral was produced to add value to the experience post the event. The video is being used as part of their induction programme to inform new staff about the values and how the team live them. Illustrations done live within one of the discussion sessions have been framed for the walls of their call centre office, and helping to enforce the key messages of the event.