Our charitable foundation

Ever conscious of the world in which we operate and the importance of community spirit, 2021 has seen the inauguration of the Crescendo & Fruitful Foundation. In line with the entrepreneurial essence of the business, the Crescendo & Fruitful foundation guarantees that a percentage of profits is allocated to support local endeavours and community stories. This is about spreading positivity and providing the opportunity to help people genuinely transform their lives.

Our Foundation 1

In the past an important part of our focus each year has been to support a charity that has been close to the heart of a team member or to the business. This has included walking around the Isle of Wight for Isla raising nearly £5000. The team stayed on the Island for 3 days and nights. Each evening we would return to our accommodation ready to start the next day where we’d left off. We took in all the scenery and experienced all the seasons across the 3 days!

Our Foundation 2

The following year we ran the Windsor Half Marathon or Zakk who suffers with severe quad spastic cerebral palsy. We raised over £5,000 which meant his family could buy some high-tech equipment that would significantly improve the quality of his daily life.

Our Foundation 3

We also supported a local project at Barossa, Camberley in conjunction with the Surrey Wildlife Trust. Lots of local businesses joined forces to help cut down the Scots Pines that cover the heath land. This then enables the rare habitat to flourish.

All participants got to choose a tree to take home to decorate for Christmas as a reward. Ooverall we helped to clear over 1.25 hectares of land – more than a Rugby pitch!

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.

Sir Winston Churchill