Meet Russell – Crescendo’s founder, chief innovator, and vintage sunglasses collector. Founding the business began in 2003 with the dream of offering brands a truly tailored and transformational approach. This journey has taken him all around the world; the goal being to always create exceptional events that are memorable and leave behind a legacy with a sense of excitement and intrigue.

Russell likes to listen and understand what businesses need. He thrives on engaging conversations and a meeting of minds. Curiosity underpins the creative journey and unforgettable experiences like no other, are born.

When not masterminding events, conferences, awards, retreats for clients, you will find Russ loving home life with Jo and the kids, walking the dog and cooking for the family. His is passionate about sports near water, either boating, sailing, or rowing and Russ loves to travel, with work and with the family, exploring local cultures and cuisines.